Presbyopia is a natural phenomenon linked to aging of the eyes which diminishes the vision from the ages of 40-45 onwards. More precisely, it relates to the natural weakening of the power of the lens to adjust (the transparent lens within the eye) during reading. Presbyopia causes diminished vision when reading smaller letters and when in insufficient lighting conditions. When someone begins to suffer from presbyopia, they are first forced to hold the reading material further away and look for better lighting. Then they will need to carry glasses with them for reading. In the absence of correction for visual acuity, headaches (migraines) will develop gradually, along with a burning sensation in the eye, generally at the end of the day.

A natural phenomenon

Presbyopia can appear additionally to myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, and is an unavoidable natural phenomenon. 100% of the population are affected by presbyopia (right now, or in the future). To date, there are 22 million presbyopic people in France (one in three) and 700,000 new patients are identified every year. 160 million people are affected by presbyopia in Europe, and more than 1.7 billion are affected globally. Faced with an aging population, the number of presbyopics is constantly increasing: in 2020, 40% of the French population will be presbyopic (2.5 billion globally).

Some key figures

  • 26Millions of presbyopes in France
  • 209Millions of presbyopes in Europe
  • 1,9Billion in the world

A response to an unidentified need

In numerous situations, presbyopic people soon become embarrassed when they need to read a document without any corrective lenses.

Overnight, presbyopia can make its appearance:

  • So it’s a requirement which is hard to anticipate
  • More importantly, reading or writing close up is not a permanent requirement but it is more specific

So it’s very difficult to anticipate but also difficult to absorb. Ahead of this new reflex, IZIPIZI was created in order to help these people who are struggling with reading a menu, a contract, filling in a cheque...

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