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sport lenses


Each type of lens has been designed for its performances. The combination of lens tint and mirror coating provides the perfect solution in terms of light filtering, color balance and visual contrast in a wide range of weather conditions. The sun protection is optimized thanks to the mirror treatment, which also acts an anti-scratch.

Tint : Vermillon        Cat.1
Mirror : Silver            VLT : 49%

Increases contrasts in low light and white daylight.

Tint : Grey                 Cat.3
Mirror : Silver            VLT : 16%

The more polyvalent one. Ensures the respect of natural colors in both sunny & cloudy days.


Tint : Brown                Cat.3
Mirror : Gold                VLT : 12%

Increases contrasts in natural environments and increases contrasts in natural environments.


Tint : Green             Cat.3
Mirror : Silver          VLT : 12%

Anti-glare for more visual comfort. Increases contrasts in natural environments.


Tint : Brown                 Cat.4
Mirror : Gold                 VLT : 6%

Provides optimal protection against intense light. Increases contrasts in mountainous areas.


VLT quantifies the opacity of lenses. The acronym stands for «Visual Light Transmission» . It's indicated in percentage: a high VLT index indicates that the glass allows a lot of light through.

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