You need to feel good before you can do good. That’s why good vibes lie at the heart of IZIPIZI’s approach to its people and overarching policy. Discover how prioritizing our teams’ well-being and personal development lets us dream bigger, together.


For over a decade now, we’ve been pulling together as a team to come up with an offer, mission, and business that reflect who we are.


Inspiring, shared ambitions

All our brand’s development goals and objectives are shared transparently across our business and its departments, ensuring each and every individual feels invested, involved, and able to pour their skills into an increasingly collaborative vision.

Meaningful values

Keeping lines of communication open, fostering togetherness, staying open-minded and open to others, striving to be pioneers rather than followers: our values are our roots, the bedrock at the very core of what we set out to achieve. We make it a point of pride to put human warmth and community at the heart of our business.

Joint passion

We’re a close-knit, supportive team that rallies around our shared mission – putting a smile on as many faces as possible by making accessible glasses that respect the environment and protect your eyes throughout every moment of your life.


We’re moving up in the world fast, but all while taking the time to learn from our various experiences and look back on what we’ve achieved to grow together with peace of mind.


Career development

We are committed to growing with our teams. Offering them prospects for development is a major challenge of IZIPIZI's human resources policy. Performance appraisals, development interviews and training sessions are therefore carried out on a regular basis in order to allow for an increase in skills, within a framework where transverse mobility is facilitated and supported by our teams..

Manager development

It’s crucial we learn how to best support staff if we want to help them grow. One of IZIPIZI’s mottos is “managing and learning go hand-in-hand” – and it’s a philosophy that drives all our manager training.

Personal development

We’re convinced that staying open to the wider world and in step with our times is key to each member of staff’s personal development. And we actively encourage this through conferences and brainstorming workshops on topical issues accessible to all!


Our team is central to the IZIPIZI spirit, meaning that whether on our premises or off the clock, we make lifestyle and quality of life a priority.


On our premises

The IZIPIZI House (our HQ in the heart of Paris) and our various stores are designed to make sure each member of staff feels right at home in the workplace. They put the emphasis on fresh, contemporary design for a relaxed environment, accessible technology and comfy facilities and equipment. Spaces where staff can mingle and come together let our teams relax during fun, energizing breaks.

Outside work

A company’s responsibility doesn’t stop with its offices and stores. We are particularly keen on making life as smooth and seamless as possible for our staff off company premises by giving them flexible remote-working opportunities and access to Gymlib gym offers and workplace childcare services.

Our teams say it best

Good intentions are one thing – making them happen are another. Every year, all members of staff are surveyed so we can gather feedback on their quality of life. And we’re proud to say that their responses have earned us Great Place to Work status. In fact, in 2022 we even ranked in the top 25 companies in our size category.

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