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Polarized lenses

Did you know?

The sun emits 2 types of light:

- Direct light, which reaches the eye vertically, and allows us to distinguish colors and contrasts
- Indirect light, which causes unwanted reflections, and can be harmful in excess. We speak of reflected light and the phenomenon of reverberation.

Light is particularly reflected by flat surfaces (sea, snow, wet road...) and creates annoying parasitic reflections, even with sunglasses!

The only way to protect yourself from these reflections: polarized glasses.

Polarized lenses: maximum comfort!

A polarized lens totally eliminates annoying reflections (in addition to UV) thanks to its filter, which blocks excess light due to reverberation.

It protects against glare and therefore brings additional visual comfort.

To go further...

Each surface reflects the light in a more or less strong way, this reverberation increases the light intensity perceived by the eye:

  •  20% on a body of water or a wet road
  •  30% on sand
  •  90% on snow

When should a polarized lens be used?

Polarized lenses can be used as soon as the sun comes out!

It is particularly suitable for outdoor activities - including water sports and driving, to improve perception of the environment.

And for the little ones, it allows for better learning of colors and walking!

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