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Sun lenses cat. 4

Did you know?

The dangers to your eyes at high altitudes are varied. Snow reflects up to 90% of sunlight received, and the amount of ambient ultraviolet radiation (UV) increases by 10% for every 1000m you climb.

In addition, wind and cold can disturb vision and freeze the cornea.

The risks

In the mountains, risks for your eyes are high, and pathologies can be observed, for example:

  • In the short term: snow blindness, conjunctivitis
  • In the long term: cataracts, retinopathy, Age-Related  Macular Degeneration (AMD)

For all these reasons, it is necessary to wear sunglasses adapted to your specific activity.

The solution

This super-trendy model has been re-imagined and modernized for lovers of the slopes, skiing sports and fashion.

Sun glacier, with their removable leatherette protectors and their category 4, 100% UV protection lenses, protect your eyes from the cold, the snow and the intense brightness of the peaks.

The lenses are also made of ultra-resistant brown polycarbonate: they enhance the ability to see the lay of the hills and offer better protection.

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